English Language Development
English learners (ELs) are a growing part of the K-12 student population. English-Language Learner is a term used in some English-speaking countries such as the US and Canada to describe a person who is learning the English language and has a native language that is not English.

English Language Learners (ELL)

The ELL program provides the best education possible for each English Language Learner through excellent employee performance, community-wide collaboration, wise stewardship of available resources, and high expectations for student achievement. The goal is to develop English proficiency while assisting students in achieving high academic standards.

 The goals of the ELL program are:

  1. Students will become proficient speakers, readers, listeners, and writers of English.
  2. Students will achieve high academic standards.

 Please contact Joan Warburg, Sisters Elementary School Principal, with any questions.

Community Liaison

The Community Liaison performs a variety of activities with priority of communication, translation, and interpretation to our families on behalf of the Sisters School District. Our advocate informs families about school procedures and instructional programs, educates families about resources available throughout the school system and community, and serves as a contact person for families to answer questions about school services, specific activities, and events.

El Enlace Comunitario realiza una variedad de actividades con prioridad de comunicación, traducción e interpretación a nuestras familias de parte del Distrito Escolar de Sisters. Nuestra representante informa a las familias sobre los procedimientos escolares y los programas de instrucción, educa a las familias sobre los recursos disponibles en todo el sistema escolar y la comunidad y sirve como persona de contacto para que las familias respondan preguntas sobre servicios escolares, actividades específicas y eventos.

Se habla Español.

Smith, Melissa
Cobos, Gabriel