Operations Staff
Sisters School District is comprised of three schools (Elementary, Middle and High School) plus our alternative programs for high school students.
Ryan Stock
Ryan Stock, Director of Operations
Mary Starnes
Mary Starnes, Operations Specialist
TJ Evans
TJ Evans, Lead Custodian, Sisters Middle School
Kevin Madsen
Kevin Madsen, Lead Custodian, Sisters Elementary School/District Office/Transportation
Cesar Alonso-Mendez
Cesar Alonso Mendez, Custodian, Sisters High School/Transition/Reed
Doug Ormsby
Monte Meade
Monte Meade, Custodian
Craig Starnes
Craig Starnes, Lead Custodian, Sisters High School
Shaun Herman
Shaun Herman, Custodian
Elia Mapusaga
Elia Mapusaga, Custodian
Paul Pelly
Jared Starnes
Jared Starnes, Maintenance Specialist
Kevin Quick
Kevin Quick, Maintenance Specialist
Gary Pepperling
Gary Pepperling, Maintenance Specialist
David Ekstrom
David Ekstrom, Maintenance Specialist HVAC- Plumbing


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