A community that values student achievement

  • We are Sisters Outlaws:

    Committed to graduating from high school, prepared for college and work.

  • We are Sisters Teachers:

    Inspiring students to learn and achieve at the highest levels.

  • We are Administrators and Leaders:

    Building positive learning communities focused on academic achievement.

  • We are the Support Staff:

    Understanding that our students and teachers must be safe, healthy, and supported in order to achieve at the highest possible levels.

  • We are School Board Members:

    Ensuring that student achievement is front and center in every decision we make.

  • We are Countless Parents, Family, and Community Members:

    Supporting our children and demanding a high-quality education for them.

  • We are the Community Organizations, Coaches and Club Leaders, and Volunteers:

    Providing support for our students and staff in their daily work to achieve excellence.

  • We are the Residents and Taxpayers of the Sisters School District:

    Knowing that a strong school system and high achieving students are the backbone and the future of our town and nation.

We Believe

Our work toward this common purpose is fueled by a set of Core Beliefs that we act in accordance with every day:

  • Virtually all children, regardless of background or circumstance, can achieve at a high level.
  • The pursuit of excellence for all students requires providing our neediest students with the extra support necessary to attain rigorous targets.
  • Our schools must be caring and supportive environments that encourage exploration, thoughtful risk-taking, and inquisitiveness.
  • Students need knowledge, skills, and values to become responsible adults.
  • Excellent schools require strong partnerships with families, community members, and our local businesses.
  • Our decisions at all levels and every day must be guided by what is best for students and be data-driven.
  • Teachers and staff time with our students is the single most important resource we have. Hiring, developing, recognizing, and rewarding their work is essential.
  • We evaluate and improve our work continuously to foster excellence.
  • Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Co-curricular participation plays an important part of the education and well-being of our students.

Our Common Purpose

We are united in our commitment to provide all students with the education they need to reach their fullest potential. Together, we will ensure that all students learn every day and in every class. They will graduate, be college or career ready, with the skills necessary to achieve success in the 21st century.

District Core Values

  • Invest in relationships that support every student’s growth and sense of belonging.
  • Create extraordinary learning experiences that make leaming real.
  • Empower and support students and staff to become the best version of themselves.
  • Prepare students to be courageous individuals, effective communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers in life.


The Sisters School District mission statement identifies its purpose, indicates why it exists and why it was originally founded. It is intended to clearly communicate what has heart and meaning in the district in one brief sentence. It was created and designed to capture the district’s intended culture in a few carefully selected words. It is a brief nine words, so it can be remembered easily and used often. The statement is more about what the district wants
to be known for rather than how to carry out the meaning of its individual words.


The District’s vision statement is a concise description of what it wants to achieve during the next five school years (2019-2024). Its purpose is to inspire, energize, motivate and stimulate all facets of Sisters School District. It is intended to serve as a guide for selected current and future actions SSD is highly recommended to take. The statement focuses on the district’s most hopeful, successful and ideal future. It is not about what is already in
place or what might easily be implemented.

Goal 1: BELONG

Every student is known and connected to adults, peers and resources to develop emotional self-regulation and a foundation of resilience.


Every student is on a purposeful path to graduation and is taking an active role in their academic achievement, goal setting and character development


Every student is empowered to discover their passions and strengths through exceptional programs, community partnerships and inclusive practices.

Where We’re Headed

  • Create a K-12 model that sets and achieves high academic standards, provides strong support for social and emotional needs, and offers a rigorous, relevant curriculum that gives all students meaningful options.
  • Strive to create schools that are regional centers of excellence in core academics, the arts and music, place-based education, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and interdisciplinary studies. Support decision-making with accurate and timely information to ensure that our students are learning and the district, as a whole, is performing well.