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This is a complete directory of all Sisters School District Staff. You are able to search through the staff directory to find a specific staff member and their contact details by using the search form.
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Katie Arends, Principal and Athletics Secretary

Arends, Katie

Arness, Kristy

Teri Ast Transportation

Ast, Teri

Ellie Barbieri Music Teacher

Barbieri, Ellie

Ruth Barrios, Special Education Administrative Services Secretary

Barrios, Ruth

Hana Bearson, Teacher

Bearson, Hana

Holly Bernhardt, Regional Payroll Manager with High Desert Education Service District

Bernhardt, Holly

Bionda, Amy

Lauren Bledsoe, Teacher

Bledsoe, Lauren

jocelyn Blevins STEM Teacher

Blevins, Jocelyn

Bourdeau, Julianne

Brown, Brittaney

Burke, Stephanie

Campbell, Carrie

Card, Mylee

Cash, Julie

Chao, Ada

Chinchen, Jason

Cobian, Raquel

Cobos, Gabriel