Student Services Staff
Student Services personnel provide in-service training, parent education, community collaboration, and carry out student service program management.

Student Services

Lauren Bledsoe
Lauren Bledsoe, Teacher
Gabriel Cobos
Heather Cramer
Heather Cramer, Speech Language Pathology Assistant
Berit Dart
Berit Dart, Special Education Teacher
Angela Fricilone
Angela Fricilone, School Psychologist
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson, Youth Transition Specialist
Britlee Kolke
Britlee Kolke, Speech Language Pathologist
Jaclyn Kordell
Tara Morris
Tara Morris, Teacher
Josh Nordell
Joshua Nordell, Teacher
Melissa Smith
Theresa Slavkovsky
Theresa Slavkovsky, Family Advocate (FAN)
Lorna Van Geem
Lorna Van Geem, Director of Student Services
Erika Velekonia
Alex Walker
Alex Walker, Athletic Trainer
Susie Werts
Susie Werts, Teacher


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