Immunization Requirements & Rates
The Oregon legislature enacted Senate Bill 895 in 2014. This new bill makes changes to immunization exemptions

The Oregon legislature enacted Senate Bill 895 in 2014. This new bill makes changes to immunization exemptions so please read this letter carefully for details about the vaccinations your child is required to have in order to attend school.

These changes include:

  • Any religious exemption signed prior to March 1, 2014 is no longer valid.  Parents are required to turn in documentation of immunization or complete the new process for a nonmedical exemption prior to Exclusion Day in February of 2016.
  • Schools are required to make immunization and exemption rates available for the public at their main offices, on their websites and for parents on paper or electronic format.

Nonmedical Exemption (Religious Exemption signed before March 1, 2014)

If your child has previously had a religious exemption that was signed before March 1, 2014, you have one of the following options:

1. Meet all Immunization Requirements

Have your child vaccinated to meet all immunization requirements. Your doctor will complete your child’s immunization record and supply a copy to your child’s school.

2. Nonmedical Vaccine Exemptions Information

If you want a nonmedical exemption for your child, complete the new process and turn in two forms:

    • Certificate of Immunization Status:
      Fill in the dates of any vaccines your child has received, fill out the nonmedical exemption section by marking the vaccines for which you want the exemption, and then sign and date the exemption.
    • Vaccine Education Certificate:
      You will get this certificate after completing the required education about immunizations from a health care practitioner or from the online vaccine education module.  Parents must complete the portions of the module for every vaccine for which they are claiming exemption.  The module can be found online at: 

3. Medical Exemption

If you need a medical exemption for your child, get a letter from your child’s physician with the information stated on the Certificate of Immunization Status form.  Turn in the letter to your child’s school.  Medical exemptions are reviewed and approved by the health department.

Immunization Rates for Sisters School District

Senate Bill 895 requires schools post immunization and exemption rates. On the Oregon Government Vaccines and Immunizations page, scroll down to the “School-level Immunization Data for Oregon” section for school by school data, and immunization/exemption rates by vaccine.




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