School Resource Deputy
The safety of our students, staff, and community is of utmost importance to the administration of the Sisters School District. There are many efforts in place to help keep everyone safe while attending school in Sisters.

School Resource Deputy (SRD)

In cooperation with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Department, the sheriff’s department provides our school district with a School Resource Deputy.

The School Resource Deputy is a community-based sheriff deputy who is responsible for helping schools insure student safety. SRDs work in close contact with school administrators to help prevent crime before it occurs and to develop positive relationships with students and staff members. SRDs aim to develop trusting relationships with students so that they feel comfortable talking about safety issues.

SRDs are part of the school community and attend a variety of school functions including athletic events and performances. SRDs are available to students to address issues of criminality including property crimes, harassment, abuse, violence, etc.

The idea here is that SRDs will contribute to the well being of our community through prevention and early intervention. Recently retired SRD, Brent Crosswhite, has does an outstanding job of working with staff and students. His successor, Josh Westfall, will begin his new role in August of 2023.

Joshua Westfall, School Resource Officer


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